SUN Writers for SfN 2011

Student Undergraduate Neurobloggers

We were thrilled to be a part of SfN’s interactive program for the 2011 meeting in Washington D.C. John Gardner, Kristen Erickson, Chelsea Nickerson, and Derek Wise were undergraduate students of neuroscience in the psychology and biology departments at Colby College  and the wrote about their experiences at the meeting. Also regularly contributing to the blog at that time were  6 additional students: Jessica Blais, Taylor Horan, Reesa Kashuk, Lauren McCrary, Robyn St. Laurent, and Petey Randall. We welcome discussion from the community on all content so please don’t hesitate to comment, tweet, or share entries!

Check out the other official SfN Neurobloggers: (nabbed from here)


A: Development Functional Neurogenesis Twitter Icon @jsnsndr
B: Neural Excitability, Synapses, and Glia: Cellular Mechanisms Brainteresting Twitter Icon @brainteresting
C: Disorders of the Nervous System Neurobytes Twitter Icon@neurobytes
C: Disorders of the Nervous System Scicurious: Scientific American
Scicurious: Scientopia
Twitter Icon @scicurious
D: Sensory and Motor Systems Paula’s Piece of Mind Twitter Icon @Paulineddra
E: Homeostatic and Neuroendocrine Systems Dormiviglia Twitter Icon @Beastlyvaulter
F: Cognition and Behavior Future Dr. Science Lady Twitter Icon @Drsciencelady
G: Novel Methods and Technology Development Guitchounts Twitter Icon @Guitchounts
H: History, Teaching, Public Awareness, and Societal Impacts in Neuroscience Neuroflocks Twitter Icon @Scipleneuro
SUN: Student Undergrad Neurobloggers SUN Twitter Icon @Astroglia

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